Dr. Peter Driscoll Reveals The Principles & Treatment Of Liposuction

Liposuction can be used to help you get rid of fat in areas where it’s difficult to reduce with diet and exercise. It also has many other uses beyond cosmetic surgery, including treating back pain and preventing hernias.

Liposuction Is A Surgical Procedure That Removes Excess Fat From Areas Of The Body

It can be used for many areas, including the abdomen, back, buttocks, chest and hips. Liposuction is a quick and effective method for removing unwanted fat from these areas. The procedure can also help improve your overall health by reducing your risk of developing cardiovascular disease or diabetes later in life Dr. Peter Driscoll.

A Typical Liposuction Procedure Lasts Between 45 Minutes To 2 Hours Depending On Its Complexity

The time required for a treatment depends on the size of the area being treated and the amount of fat being removed, as well as what type of liposuction technique is used. Some patients may also require ultrasonic assistance during their surgery to help reduce swelling and bruising after surgery by breaking down blood clots that can occur with larger volumes of tissue removal.

Most patients require only one session of liposuction per body area, but additional sessions may be required if more than one area is being treated. If you have had previous liposuction and your goal is to improve upon your results, Dr. Peter Driscoll recommend that you wait at least six months before scheduling another appointment.

Recovery Time

Recovery times vary depending on the procedure and area being treated but most patients will notice a difference within two weeks of treatment. Patients with less body fat to begin with tend to recover more quickly.

Recovery times can be longer for more extensive procedures, such as liposuction of the abdomen and lower back or thigh lift surgery. The recovery period may be very painful but is important to allow your body time to heal and adjust in order for it to look its best after surgery.

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