Roche Lake Area:

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A Fly Fisherman's Paradise

The Roche Lake area near Kamloops, BC hosts 10 super trout fishing lakes, a provincial park with 2 provincial campground areas and the popular Roche Lake Resort. Most of the lakes have their own rough camping opportunities with the exception of Bog and Rose lakes.

Some of the lakes can be accessed via car or 2 wheel drive pickup and others roads are over rough terrain where a 4x4 vehicle is recommended. We will let you know on a lake to lake basis what kind of transportation is recommended.

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  • Roche Lake Provincial Park encompasses all the lakes mentioned in this section. The area is approximately 35 km S of Kamloops on Hwy 5A, just north of Trapp Lake. For people coming from the south or the coast the area can be accessed via Hwy 5A from Merritt.

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  • Here is the list of lakes that are included in Roche Lake Provincial Park. There are no special regulations pertaining to fishing within a provincial park however any lake may have it's own designated special regulations. Please consult the BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations prior to fishing any BC lake.

  • Rose and Tulip Lakes
  • These two small lakes beside the road as you approach Roche Lake get very little open water pressure and contain both rainbow and brook trout...more
  • Roche Lake
    Blue green waters and some of the most spectacular fighting rainbows in the province. Roche Lake offers a variety of fishing opportunities for all anglers ...more
  • Horseshoe Lake
  • Easily accessible by car, fishing Horseshoe lake is an exercise in patience. A designated Ducks Unlimited Project, Horseshoe lake has dark water and large rainbow and brook trout.
  • Frisken Lake
  • A dark water reservoir, Frisken Lake offers fast growing rainbows to 5lbs. Subject to drawdowns and winterkill this lake still seems to produce every year. I believe that I have fished Frisken only once, in the early 1980's. I was there when the water was drawn down and the algae was abundant. Although this lake has not inspire me to return, I'm always hearing some good reports.
  • Bullman Lake
  • When I think of Bullman, I think of caddis in July and waterboatman in September. Some of my very best fall days have been enjoyed at Bullman Lake. This is a great float tube lake with a few bays where you can escape the prevailing breeze and enjoy the fishing.
  • John Frank Lake
  • John Frank Lake is a Ducks Unlimited project and a fishery that is very under rated. When the lake survives a winterkill, the abundant freshwater food source grows these babies back to the 2-3lb range in a season.
  • Black Lake
  • Some of the most magnificent structure can be seen at Black Lake. Actually, Black Lake is not black at all as it has crystal clear water and an abundance of fishable shoals for triploid rainbows to 10lbs. ...more
  • Bog Lake
  • Just past Black Lake on the road to Ernest Lake, Bog lake is a difficult to access and thus doesn't see the pressure that many of the other lakes see. That's good for the fly fisherman who likes a little solitude. I have only fished Bog Lake once, again, in the 1980's so I have no real opinion to date.

  • Ernest Lake
  • Continuing on the road from Black and Bog, Ernest is a spectacular 'fly only' lake where the rainbows average over 4lbs. This is definitely a 4x4 road so be prepared. Access to the lake can get cumbersome if the water is low as cattails and bullrush surround a good part of the lake. Ernest is a great sedge lake in late June and early July and sports a pretty good waterboatman hatch in September.

    Here are two other fine fishing lakes in the area but lie outside the Roche Lake Provincial Park boundary.

  • Bleeker Lake
  • Hosli Lake

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