Jacko Lake

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Considered low elevation (2900ft/ 884m), Jacko Lake is just a few kilometers SW of Kamloops accessed from the old Lac le Jeune highway. It is can be fished with float tube / pontoon boat or small boat with/without a motor.

Generally one of the earlier lakes to be ice-free (usually 1st week in April), Jacko provides a good fishery for rainbow trout in the spring to mid-summer and again in the fall. The fish tend to be pickier in the fall.

Jacko Lake gives up fish of all sizes as it receives a regular stocking. Back in the 1980's the lake was shocked by Fish and Wildlife to do a fish count and a couple of fish in the 20 lb range were found. There hasn't been any fish caught that size in recent years but 5 - 7 lb fish are available.

Chironimids, bloodworms, micro-leeches and damsel nymphs with a strike indicator are most productive in the spring. Fish the shallows on the S / SE corner (near the mine and outlet) or along the west or north shores.

Jacko Lake, Kamloops Fly Fishing, Kamloops lakes I tend to fish the drop-offs with larger flies and fast-sinking lines as the summer warms the water. Evening fishing along the shoals with various nymphs and leeches can produce some cruisers. Try a small (#12) Black Spratley on a medium-sinker or even a dry line.

Throw out the whole tackle box in the fall, including waterboatman patterns in early-mid Sept. Small green shrimp fished on a dry line just over the weedline can also be dynamite. Try it with or without a strike indicator.

Jacko is NOT a "fly fishing only" lake so expect to see spincasters (from shore) and trollers. They seem to have success when the fly fishermen are on lean times.


  • Area Map - Kamloops South

  • From Kamloops - take the Trans Canada Hwy to the west end of town and exit at the Hillside Dr (Petro Canada Versitle Centre) and follow the signs that say Lac Le Jeune and Logan Lake. About 5 km from the turn off you will come upon a large culvert tunnel. Slow down because the turnoff to the lake is to your left immediately after you pass through the culvert. Follow the gravel road for 2 km to the lake.

    From Vancouver (via the Coquihalla Hwy) - Take the Lac Le Jeune /Logan Lake exit (exit 336) and go right towards Lac le Jeune. Staying on the main road continue past the Le Jeune turnoff past Stake and McConnell Lakes. The view, looking north toward Sugarloaf hill and the Thompson Valley is magnificent. You will transition from boreal forest to rangeland. Just before you reach the culvert/tunnel (mentioned above), turn right and follow the road into Jacko.


    Jacko Lake is on private land and it is through the efforts of the landowners, the local fly fishing club and the provincial Ministry of Environment that Jacko is available to fish. There is no overnight camping.Please treat this area with respect by taking your garage with you, avoid trespassing and honoring fences.

    Kamloops is very close and there are plenty of hotel and motel facilities within 15 minutes of the lake.

    If you want camping there are a number of forestry campsites and provincial parks in the area (McConnell, Lac Le Jeune, Walloper and Lodgepole lakes).

    Other nearby lakes:

    McConnell, Stake, Walloper, Lac le Jeune, Lodgepole, Fred, and Ridge Lakes.

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