Duck Tours in British Columbia

Wildlife Viewing and Bird Watching
at Ducks Unlimited BC Wetlands

100 Mile House Marsh

100 Mile House Marsh
Duck Tours (BC) is a by-product of the cooperation and efforts of Ducks Unlimited, their partners, volunteers and associates. Over the past 40 years, DUC-BC has secured over 170,000 acres of valuable wetland habitat across the province In addition to accommodating millions of migrating waterfowl, these wetlands and surrounding areas provide spectacular scenery, wildlife viewing and bird watching.
Duck Tours offers information for select, easily accessible driving routes to the wetlands, local recreational activities and suggestions for accommodation.

Napier Lake Viewpoint
Napier Lake from Hwy 5A Viewpoint

The use of these conserved wetlands varies from location to location with an emphasis on 'multi-use' benefits.

A particular project may be a designated bird sanctuary for wildlife viewing like Vaseaux Wetlands in the sunny Okanagan or a coastal winter haven like the Serpentine Marsh near Vancouver, BC. Many of the projects in the dry interior regions are managed in conjunction with the irrigation storage for a local ranch.

Other projects co-exist with boating, fishing, hunting, farming, residential and even commercial activity.

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Super Duck Tours

Easy Scenic Drives for Bird Watching and Wildlife Viewing

Here are some of the best 1-2 day scenic driving tours to some of our most accessible wetlands. A car will be sufficient for most tours. If a truck, SUV or 4x4 is recommended it will be noted.

Some of the wetlands have specific viewing locations while many allow foot traffic throughout and around the wetland. Please refer to our "equipment list and reference page" for supplies and equipment that are suggested.

In addition to great wetland viewing each tour will provide information to access other fabulous activities, highlights, food and lodging to compliment your trip.

  • Kamloops to Merritt via Hwy5A
  • Kamloops to Merritt via Hwy 5A is a Ducks Unlimited Projects haven as it winds through the grasslands of Kamloops Country and the splendor of the Nicola Valley.
  • Kamloops - Logan Lake Loop:
  • An Incredible Recreational Circle Tour of the Interior's fabulous 4 season playground. Including 6 Mile Ranch, Tunkwa, Logan Lake, and Lac le Jeune
  • DU Canada - BC: Special Projects
  • A highlighted look at some high profile Partnership Projects in BC. Ducks Unlimited has partnered with a number of other agencies, volunteer and private organizations to conserve and enhance special areas that offer exceptional viewing and activity opportunities.

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